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I am Beth the Sybil

The Sybil is an ancient female prophetess and visionary, an Oracle associated with sacred sites around the Mediterranean and the Near East. Shrouded in mystery, living in caves, singing her messages in ecstatic Union with the Divine, guiding seekers to the underworld to find freedom; she is a conduit to our Divine identity and a living connection to our beloved Gaia.


In this incarnation, I am planted in the City of Angels - Los Angeles, California, yet retreat frequently to commune with undisturbed nature. Yet, underneath the massive amounts of concrete, automobiles and smog of Los Angeles city living, is still our beloved, beautiful Earth. Especially in this urban jungle, she needs our love to thrive and even more, we need awareness that our life force is her life force, so that we may thrive.  In gratitude let us be a witness to Her majesty and bountiful gifts. In so doing we raise our consciousness and become responsible stewards of Her resources, living bountifully. Lack is an out picturing of separation consciousness. In the unity of All That Is, there is always a bounty. When we come into form we agree to this egoic experience of being separate, vulnerable and subject to change, loss and suffering. Our evolutionary task is to integrate our infinite spiritual natures of Love and Unity with our human experience and create heaven on Earth.


The call of the Sybil today is for the unification of our split minds within the experience of duality consciousness, remembering ourselves as Source Divinity; Mother/Father God, which is accomplished in the Heart center through unconditional Love and forgiveness. Dance & Movement, music, theatre & film and living, thriving in abundance, are the mediums I use for facilitating healing and bridging-merging Heaven and Earth. Join me friends as we wake up to our magnificence and infinite possibilities of Divine expression through our magnificent human forms on Earth. Yoga-Dance is a transformational movement practice I have developed and teach at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City.


Yoga-Dance DVD



Yoga-Dance is a rigorous one-hour spiritual fitness program that combines conscious breathing, yoga, ballet, chakra activations, sacred affirmations and improvisational dance in a balanced approach to total well-being. Filmed in sacred power locations of Southern Utah, higher vibrational frequencies are transferred through your participation.

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