Dance as a Spiritual Practice and Healing Art

Yoga-Dance DVD - A Spiritual Mind-Body Home Fitness Program

A rigorous one-hour work out, melding Beth’s extensive backgrounds in dance, yoga and spiritual wisdom, Yoga-Dance combines conscious breathing & yoga, basic dance technique, with improvisational dance in a creative approach to total well-being. Yoga means Union. Yoga-Dance is Union with the Infinite GRACE I AM through loving movement. This method develops flexibility, strength, balance, mindfulness, creativity, spiritual expansion, emotional healing and a dancers body.


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Reviews for Yoga-Dance DVD

"Yoga dance experience was joyous. The dvd is really well done  and can help get one started at home. Sybil is an intuitive teacher, her presence puts one at ease and she has the ability to quietly bring out the child within. She is a superb dancer but more importantly she makes others dance. I took a class with her at Agape and enjoyed each moment . It was unpredictable and enchanting . The music was compatible with everything she had planned. I truly recommend her as a teacher . What ends up happening in class is cathartic."

Mercy Peters

Doctoral Student in Psycholgy


"Beth the Sybil's Yoga - Dance is the healing tool I have been looking to add to my regimen.   With the Yoga - Dance DVD I am able to re connect my mind, body and spirit deeply. Her graceful guidance, calming voice and beautiful example of movements make it easy to follow along.  Beth has created a program that flows through Yoga, to Dance to Chakra alignment and finally to Free Dance in an effective way I've not seen on DVD previously. The majestic and serene settings compliment the flow, strength and peaceful essence of Beth's guidance.  In the comfort of my own home I am able to recover from injury utilizing Beth's creation, the Yoga - Dance DVD. Thank you Beth, for following your calling, for sharing your gifts and for being a centered, spiritually and physically adept guide.  Yoga - Dance is exactly what my spirit was asking for."


Thomai Hatsios,

MetaHara Productions Director / Producer



"Yoga Dance is a transformational journey through the heart, body, and soul. This practice will bring flexibility, strength and balance to your entire being. Truly one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen! The background of the powerful Utah red rocks, and the soothing nature of the trickling water took me on a spiritual meditative journey. I love the fusion of ancient yoga, modern dance, ballet, sacred dance, and mindful mantras!  I highly recommend this practice to everyone!"


Jennifer Joy Jimenez

Professional Dancer, Certified Mind-Body Expert



"Absolutely stunning, this DVD is a gorgeous and delicious work of art for the body, mind and spirit!!! Melding Beth’s extensive backgrounds in dance, yoga and spiritual wisdom to the backdrop of some of nature’s most gorgeous backdrops is exquisite! Through her loving tone and generosity of heart and spirit, Beth elevates and escorts each participant into the rich atmosphere of the 5th dimension, where all things are possible."


Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer

Radiance and Youthfulness Expert



"Equally impressive is the beautifully shot amazing scenery, the unique combining of yoga and dance, the quality of instruction, as well as the spiritual intent present throughout. Beth leads you through three sections that blend seamlessly, beginning with a 25 minute yoga session, flowing into a 25 minute ballet class, and completing with a spiritual movement sequence which connects body, mind  & spirit. This video is great for the yogi or dancer interested in integrating different forms of movement and with practice, someone less experienced can learn and follow along."


Steve Oskard

Sports Massage Therapist



"As someone with a dance background who hasn't danced in many years, I was delighted to find Beth the Sybil’s Yoga-Dance DVD both challenging and nurturing, and something I look forward to practicing repeatedly and regularly. Even deeper is the sense of empowerment her practices afford you as she expertly guides you from structured movement into your own personal, free expression. At the end of the free dance section, as I heard Beth's voice of wisdom giving life to the purpose and importance of our individual sacred dance, I wept with gratitude. As a filmmaker, I was keenly aware of Beth's choice to perform the same sequences in front of different backgrounds, which, when edited together the way she did, creates a subtle but powerful message about constancy amidst change. Yoga-Dance is a powerful invitation to remain steadfast and focused on your own unique expression, regardless of what external things are changing around you. "


Ambika Leigh

Content Creator - On Purpose Pictures



"Yoga-Dance is awesome. I was immediately mesmerized by the beauty of this video. Then, Beth's talent at film-making and editing combined with her grace and skill in yoga and dance has created a program that is so much more than a yoga and dance program. It is an adventure in the exploration of the balance and beauty of body, mind and spirit experience.  I look forward to tapping into the energy of such love and healing which I sense from beginning to end. Thank you Beth for sharing such a magnificent part of you."


Coralee Kulman

Puyallup, WA


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Yoga-Dance DVD Instruction Booklet

Read this booklet before beginning the Yoga-Dance DVD to support getting the most out of your practice.

Companion Booklet for


Spiritual Mind-Body Fitness DVD

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Yoga-Dance bares this name not just because there are aspects of yoga and dance, but  because the term yoga defines my relationship to the dance. Yoga is defined as union with Universal Consciousness and it is with this mindset that I approach all the movement exercises in this program. My workout is also my meditation.


The Yoga-Dance program is divided into three sections.


  1. Yoga Flow: Conscious breathing, yoga postures and dance stretching
  2. Ballet technique
  3. Chakra activations, sacred affirmations and heart guided dance improvisation


When beginning, follow your own inner guidance regarding how much to challenge yourself. Feel free initially to watch the program and simply practice the conscious breathing. For some of the dance exercises you may need to see them several times before it becomes part of your muscle memory. With regular practice you will always improve your skills and mastery. There is no rush.  Before you begin, ask your Higher Self to guide you. Take full responsibility for choosing your highest and best good. Consistency is the key to growth. For health concerns consult a health practitioner before beginning.


Section 1

Yoga Flow


The most important aspect of this section is to learn to focus continuously on your breath while you practice the physical movements. Our breath is our connection to life itself on this planet. Without thinking about it, we breathe continuously, yet when we stop breathing, life on this plane has ended. While on Earth, conscious breathing offers a metaphor of our infinite Life in Spirit, for when we breathe consciously, we tap into our eternal Life Force, which is far grander than even this lovely physical form we are using for our journey on Earth.


When your mind wanders because you are concentrating only on the execution of the physical exercise or because thoughts pass through your mind, just return again to following your breath and coordinating your breathing with the physical movements. There is no limit to how much this conscious breathing practice can expand your experience of your true Self and promote the feeling of peaceful well-being. Conscious breathing can also be incorporated into your normal daily life activities with great benefit. It has been observed by the medical community that one factor contributing to the high rate of degenerative disease is from long term shallow breathing. Conscious breathing is the opportunity to take long deep cleansing breaths, appreciating the value of the life giving energy conveyed through the breath.


In regard to the physical movements, follow my lead and pay attention that your knees are fully stretched, lengthened and engaged when that is the position presented. Notice the alternating positions of the spine between rounded and arched. The spine, which holds the central nervous system, is where the cosmic subtle energy centers of the chakras exist. It is along this energy pathway that we raise the kundalini energy from the base of the spine chakra up to the crown chakra, in the process of spiritual awakening. The spine is the axis of our total well-being, the primary support structure of both the body and the soul while in embodiment. 


Section 2

Ballet Technique   

Ballet is the foundation dance technique used by most all professional dancers, regardless of their particular style of dance, to develop the greatest strength, flexibility and beauty of form. In Yoga-Dance we use basic ballet technique to cultivate these qualities as well as develop alignment, coordination, balance, grace, and for sculpting long defined muscles.




In ballet we dance using “turn-out”. Turning out is an action that originates at the hips and requires that the hips be in an open position, rotating away from each other, causing the toes to face away from each. By turning out it is possible to develop a greater range of motion with the legs than when our knees and feet are in a parallel position like normal standing.


This practice of opening up the hips to increase range of motion also serves as a metaphor for expanding awareness.  As I practice opening my heart in spiritual practice, I discover the range of motion of my entire life expands. So I find a correlation between practicing dance technique with turn-out for increasing my physical range of motion and my spiritual practice for opening (turning out) my heart to experience greater range of motion and possibilities in my entire life. There is an uplifting understanding that carries over from my dancing to my life as a whole.


This practice of opening up the hips to increase range of motion also serves as a metaphor for expanding awareness.  As I practice opening my heart in spiritual practice, I discover the range of motion of my entire life expands. So I find a correlation between practicing dance technique with turn-out for increasing my physical range of motion and my spiritual practice for opening (turning out) my heart to experience greater range of motion and possibilities in my entire life. There is an uplifting understanding that carries over from my dancing to my life as a whole.


Body Alignment

There is a basic “pulled-up” body alignment we want to maintain throughout the ballet section, which can be discovered by standing in second position. The legs are about 3 feet apart and gently “turned-out” so the toes are facing away from each other. This rotation of the legs starts from the hip sockets, rather than from the knees down. Your amount of turn-out is individual and should be very comfortable for you to stand upright and without any stress to the knees.


Standing in the turned out position, the buttocks should feel lifted and tucked under, rather than sinking backward and sticking out. Tipping the pelvis upward, feeling the hipbones tip up similar to car headlights going on assists with tucking in the lower buttocks.  Engage the abdominals by drawing the belly button inward. The chest should be lifted, but the ribs should not protrude forward. The neck and top of the head feel lengthened upward, while the shoulders, by contrast, are pressed down, activating the muscles in the upper back and across the top of the chest.


If you draw an imaginary line from one armpit across your back to the other, you cross the portion of your back that allows the arms to be lifted up and down. Activating this area is crucial for your “pour de bra”; the carriage of your arms and upper body and what gives grace to the upper body movements of the dancer. Hold your arms long out to the side, slightly curved at the elbow. As you feel the shoulders pressing down become aware of your back supporting your arms as you lengthen them away from the shoulders. Get a feel for this area of your back by slowly moving your arms up and down like they are your wings and feeling where the support for the motion originates in your back. Holding this awareness of the upper back is something you want to do all the time in dance, so the arms are energized and expressive, even if held in place.


It takes time to integrate these different elements until you sense the placement of these individual pieces as one complete and single body awareness. By thinking about and practicing the body placement I have described, you will be able to develop your dance technique and grow in skill and grace as a dancer. You will notice doing this that you actually will stand taller; while feeling powerfully rooted to the ground and energized. Periodically throughout your day, find this integrated body awareness standing in place in 2nd or 1st position for a moment.


When doing a demi-plie´ in first position, bend the knees as deeply as you can without allowing the heels to come off the ground. Then when you do a grand plie´, bend the knees as far as you can before lifting the heels and then continue to bend the knees further while lifting the heels, going all the way down as far as the knees will bend.


When doing the tendu and degashe´ exercises, in which the foot is being extended from first position along the ground in each direction, it is beneficial to feel like you are leading with the heel to encourage turn-out. You should also feel resistance between the bottom of the foot and the floor as you slide the foot away and slide it back to first position. This is lengthening and strengthening to the leg muscles.


Pay close attention again throughout this ballet section to the contrast between long stretched legs with straight knees and knees that are intentionally bent as in plies and fondus. It is this clear distinction that creates long, elastic, responsive muscles.


Section 3

A.   Chakra Activations

The Chakras are seven swirling vortices of energy in the body that govern the life force and pertain to different aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


In this program we begin activations at the level of heart and move downward through the lower three charkas that focus on the physical aspects of survival and then return to the heart before continuing with more specific activations for the upper three chakras associated with spiritual awakening. At a primitive survival level, we as a collective have been functioning with only the lower three chakras activated and not generally anchored to a fully activated Heart center. By activating the upper energy centers and anchoring all to the heart, we can merge heaven and Earth within ourselves, reinvigorating the lower chakras through the awakening of the upper chakras, meeting in divine marriage at the heart. Ultimately this leads to enlightenment within the context of physical embodiment.


Following is further understanding of the relationship of upper to lower chakras which is helpful to be aware of.


Chakra 4: The heart is the 4th chakra and is the center point of the seven chakras. It is the place for unifying the masculine and feminine energies in a sacred inner marriage of polarities, regardless of your gender. It is also the hinge of Divine Love that swings the upper and lower chakras into unification of corresponding polarities. 


Chakras 3 & 5:  Correspondence of the 3rd, solar plexus chakra of personal power with the 5th, throat chakra of communication of the power of Truth.  Unifying power and Expressing Truth


Chakras 2 & 6:  Correspondence of the 2nd, sacral chakra of reproductive/creative energy with the 6th, third eye chakra of Illuminated Vision. Unifying physical and spiritual Creation


Chakras 1 & 7:  Correspondence of the 1st, base of the spine chakra of physical survival with the 7th, crown chakra of unity consciousness. Unifying Heaven and Earth


As we do the activations of the upper chakras, recognize that the corresponding lower chakras are also being activated and recalibrated for your highest and best good; all centered in the unconditional love and forgiveness of the awakened heart center.


Do the chakra exercises without looking for any particular result. It will reveal itself. Hold your attention to the particular colored energy center being activated and visualize the energy purifying, expanding and spinning outward. Trust the process. An up-leveling is taking place.

B. Sacred Affirmations


Following the chakra activations and at the close of the program you are invited to join with me in affirmations of Truth and Gratitude. There is much power in speaking forth the Truth even when your feelings or the evidence of your current physical life appear to contradict these declarations. Understand that they are being spoken from a higher plane of awareness that is going on simultaneously to any experiences of limitation you may be experiencing in your awareness. By simply accepting the possibility of this Higher plane of reality, regardless of your personal circumstances, and affirming with your voice, you create an open space for your awareness to shift into that expanded space. There are infinite parallel realities happening simultaneously and like a radio, I have the opportunity to change channels and tune into a variety of frequencies I prefer.


Gratitude is also a powerful tool. I can only be thankful for what I have. So by choosing to be grateful for what I am and for the things I desire to yet experience in life, it compels my expansion into the experience of having these experiences. I am One with All That Is. It is only in three-dimensional consciousness that I can experience lack and limitation. Gratitude allows me to expand into a multi-dimensional awareness in which I know I am the infinite holographic field; I lack for nothing and my cup runneth over.


Love is the Power that guides me in Wisdom to Unity – There is only One

(Heart)      (Throat)                         (Third Eye)(Crown)


I draw Source energy into my awareness and I give my heart of love to all.

I draw in the gifts of the cosmos and I give out all that I AM.


Thank you Divine Mother

Thank you Earth

Thank you God

I am thankful for my life

I am thankful for peace and joy

I am thankful for limitless abundance and a generous heart

I am thankful for healing and wholeness

I am thankful I am an essential part of God’s creation living a life of purpose.


C. Heart Guided Improvisation

We are all creative beings by our very God nature and have the opportunity to tap into that energy. It is essential to the realization of our true magnificence and fundamental connection to All That Is. Using our creative imagination is like tapping into the Universal river that is always flowing and discovering that we are One with that flow. As we were created


The final section of this program is for you to allow your own deep inner guidance to move you and dance through you, without judgment or expectation. I express movement in my way and you will express in your unique way, through small or big movements, fast or slow movements, or stillness, simply holding the energy of creation.  While I invite you to enjoy my final improvisational dance on the DVD, don’t try to copy my movements. Listen to the music or put on your own music and begin moving. If this is new to you, be patient with yourself as you create a space to grow more comfortable with your own creativity. There is no “right” way to move from the heart. The task will be learning to release the ego judgments that interfere with stepping into the unknown of your creative process. If this is challenging for you just think of taking baby steps and with practice it will become not only comfortable, but also exhilarating.


In section one and two of the dvd, there are very specific exercises to follow, which develop and enhance your well-being and skill level. During section 3 however, the focus is not on your technique, but on following the lead of your own heart and imagination. Ironically, through your regular technique practice you will discover it enhances and expands your own dance creations without consciously thinking about it. Improving your dance technique provides a bigger vocabulary with which to creatively express your self. 

There are many ways to use creative movement and improvisational dance to raise our personal vibration and that of the planet.  Following are some examples for you to explore used in live classes and wokshops.


1. Dance a Feeling Tone


Hold in your mind a particular feeling quality that attracts you and let the energy of that feeling dance through you. Focus on the emotional feeling and let the feeling define the movements of your body. It’s amazing how healing and energizing this process can be. Here are a few examples of qualities that can be expressed through your dance to raise your vibration:


Love, joy, peace, healing, courage, creation, compassion, forgiveness, Divine Mother, abundance, prosperity, perfect health, limitless possibilities, power, kindness, generosity, and wholeness


2. Dance Your Prayers


You can also dance a particular prayer/intention rather than using a verbal prayer or to amplify the power of a verbal prayer. Physically expressing the prayer is very powerful. Visualize the fulfillment of your intention, which already exists in the field of infinite possibilities. What does the fulfillment of what you are desiring feel like? Allow those feelings to dance through you from a place of gratitude, of having already received what you are asking for.

3. Dance for Integrating Opposites


Here on Earth we live in a dimension of polarities. It appears that everything is separate and full of contrasts; up-down, hot-cold, love-hate, fear-courage, happy-sad, success-failure, etc. But in the realm of Spirit, all is One and knows only its Oneness. Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in the Earth, we have the opportunity to master through Love remaining conscious of the Unity of All That Is while navigating through the experience of duality and contrasts of being in a body


For example, take a particular emotion that has been challenging you, such as unworthiness or fear, and begin dancing that feeling. Allow yourself to fully explore those difficult feelings through movement. Then think of the opposite emotion of worthiness and courage, and dance those feelings.  Embrace that you have access to experiencing both worthy and unworthy as you choose, as we are all aspects of the duality. Finally, step beyond the realm of duality of worthy/unworthy, and embrace pure Being itself, Non-Dual consciousness. In truth I am not a body at all, but an aspect of the infinite consciousness of God that has temporarily put on an Earth-suit. It is growth to learn not to define ourselves by polarities such as, “I am a success” or “I am a failure”. Those statements are both part of the playing field here on Earth and are always subject to change. Instead, I identify myself with that which never changes; Source Creation.


4. Dance just for the absolute pure pleasure of it. 


for periodic news and class updates. 


Love to hear from you!




A Spiritual Mind-Body

Fitness Program"