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Yoga-Dance Class Reviews

"Beth's class is awesome!!! She is an inspiring teacher and gifted soul.  Her  choices of music and lighting, combined with her gently spoken directions, encourage participants to explore and create in joyful abandonment.  She is a gem!" 


Gina Wesley,  Singer / Actress



“Beth, You are absolutely magical!  I so appreciate that you offer your time, your vision, and your many gifts to hold Yoga-Dance class so that others have a safe space to explore the power of movement and the ways in which it simultaneously helps us be more one with ourselves while also facilitating a powerful connection with others, the way it heals us, the way it opens us up to the beauty of the world, the way that we harness the beauty within ourselves.  Dancing has changed my life and continues to change my life every day.  I take lots of classes and am moved by them all, but your class and your warmth will be one I will always remember! Thank you for living your life according to your truth.  It was a beautiful thing to witness.”  


Andrea Yamsuan,  Dancer



“Beth you are a WOW of the highest order! I had such an amazing adventure in Yoga-Dance class.  The class ranged from advanced dancers to pre-beginners (me) and yet, I somehow never felt out of place because of your unconditional love and acceptance. 


Beth, you are a master teacher of dance, emotional self-expression, and the ability to distill complicated movements into just a few specific actions -- is on an exceptionally high level.  Also, your dedication to dance as not just a physical exercise but also as a powerful vehicle for emotional unique self-expression -- made my time in your magical room an extraordinary experience.”


 AL SECUNDA,  Author of "Ultimate Tennis" and "The 15 Second Principle"



“Each time I returned to Beth’s Dance class and participated in the improvisational workouts, my sense of wellbeing continued to increase! I Love her class, I love the freedom of expression and, most of all, I love the Safe Space full of Unconditional Love created by Beth allowing each dancer to express her/his Own inner feelings in his/her Own unique way. Everyone who is embodied would benefit from taking Beth’s yoga dance class. “


Jennifer Jones,   Actress



“Beth is an amazing teacher. The class is meditative, creative, soulful and a real dance class. So difficult to find all those together. Lifts your spirit and strengthens and lengthens your body and reminds one of the joy of dance! I highly recommend her.”


Kimberly Deterline



March 5, 2014 Interview on Reawaken Your Brilliance tv with Julie Coraccio

Live Interview on Reawaken Your Brilliance tv with Julie Seibert

Wednesday, November 6, 9 -10 pm 2013 EST

Julie Seibert of "Reawaken Your Brilliance" internet tv/radio/podcast, did a one hour interview with Beth the Sybil.



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