Who Is George Zimmerman? A Spiritual Perspective

Like most Americans, I have been thinking a lot about the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. 

I have observed my own reaction of righteous indignation at the outcome of the trial and polarizing George Zimmerman as evil and Trayvon Martin as an innocent young man I want to protect. I felt hatred and disdain for Zimmerman, representing something entirely outside of me, that I have no part in and that I shun.


Then I caught myself because I know in my heart and mind that there is only One and that George Zimmerman is an essential part of that One known as Love. How can I possibly integrate my feelings of outrage at injustice and protection for the innocent, with my deeper knowledge that either we are all guilty or all innocent? In fact we are all innocent as our true Selves and we are all guilty in the realm of separation, duality and polarity that we have chosen to experience.


We have come to the human experience to taste every possible variation in the consciousness of separation from the darkest evil to the loftiest good. Over the course of our entire human journey of evolution from deep separation consciousness to a return to Unity Consciousness, we each will taste it all. I will play the part of evil and the part of good and every part in between. I will be a woman, a man, rich, poor, black, white, brown, red, yellow, oppressor, oppressed, victimizer, and victim.  In duality there is always the flip side attached to the side that is presenting; good-evil, up-down, light-dark, beautiful-ugly, etc.


There is a trick here. If I want to break the cycle and see no more violence and oppression, then I cannot think that it is outside of me and I am not part of it. If I do, I continue to identify myself with one side of the duality, the "good side" as I perceive it, which requires by Universal law that its opposite, the dark side, show up outside of me.


What is this Universal Law that can seem so unfair when all I want is a peaceful world for all? At the essence of Life, behind all the diverse and amazing fragmentation into an uncountable number of things, there is only One. There is no inside of me and outside of me, there is simply All That Is. All beings are other aspects of me in the big picture, choosing their set of experiences. We play various parts, putting on our Earth-body costumes, sometimes playing the protagonist, sometimes the antagonist, sometimes the clown. When the show is done we return to our dressing rooms and the murderer and the murdered have a beer and a laugh.


I have remembered that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin made a soul contract with each other on the non-physical plane, to shake the world up, and help us become less complacent and more accountable to the Unity of all Life. I know for myself, responding to this troubling night in Florida, has caused me to go deeper in looking at where I still polarize, and think someone other than me is the evil in this world. All that does is hold evil in my world. As I pause and recognize the Truth of George Zimmerman as an aspect of All That Is, I also recognize that he is the aspect of me that's playing being trapped in a fear-based consciousness of littleness. As Zimmerman, I try to play a fantasy hero because I feel so small and so afraid and have reduced the world of diverse beautiful individuals to shadows of evil trying to do "me and mine" harm.


I believe healing comes through the acceptance and integration of my Light and Dark sides on the human plane, not the polarization of the two in which I believe I am only one side fighting against the other. Light when shined through a prism refracts into all the colors of the rainbow. It is hard to imagine looking at all the individual colors that when combined will disappear into One colorless illumination. And when refracted into separate colors, how could yellow imagine it has anything to do with blue? That is how I believe it is with our dark shadow side and our light good side within the experience of duality. When I easily own both sides as expressions of me in fragmented consciousness, I can then unify into Wholeness, which transcends all polarities. Beyond the individualized ego/body experience we are infinite Consciousness and can live in that awareness while in the body. That of course is Awakening or simply Re-member-ing; returning all the individual members to One awareness of Itself.


So the answer to the question, "Who is George Zimmerman?" He is me. He is my brother. I forgive and release him because I forgive and release myself from all the false beliefs I have held while exploring this separation age. Now is the auspicious time that we are invited to return to Unity Consciousness and this challenging event, which has galvanized our attention, is helping us get there.


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    Faye Elizabeth (Tuesday, 23 July 2013 01:09)

    Great job Beth; just one comment. No need to forgive George Zimmerman because there is no George Zimmerman to forgive. :)

  • #2

    beththesybil (Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:40)

    Thanks Faye! I thought saying he is me is communicating there is no separate person out there called George Zimmerman. As to nothing to forgive, that is the next level of teaching you can share. But in this dimension forgiveness is my only function is it not? Love you.

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    Deb Reed (Saturday, 27 July 2013 18:05)

    Wonderful writing and a reminder of the One we all are. My ego gets more attention at times, but what you wrote helps me rerun...thank you for sharing.

  • #4

    beththesybil (Saturday, 27 July 2013 18:17)

    Thanks Deb! It has helped me remember too. Funny thing is its not the obvious "bad" things that require my attention as much as the little irritations that call for the same approach. :0)


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