The "Shock" Of Donald Trump

I spend a dedicated portion of my prayer and meditation time right now focused on understanding and creating positive outcome around our new President Donald Trump and healing/balancing the polarized energies that have been set in motion. I was led this morning, in considering our conflicted societal response to his Presidency, to the following passage from the I Ching, an ancient and powerful Chinese Oracle system, and I believe it has wisdom to offer for contemplation, so I share it with you. I believe that Good IS unfolding whether you are amongst those that would say its because of him or in spite of him.  


This translation of the I Ching is by Brian Browne Walker


Hexagon #51 Chen - The Arousing (SHOCK)


"The shock of unsettling events brings fear and trembling. Move toward a higher truth and all will be well.


The tendency of human beings is to rely on the strategies of the ego: desiring, plotting, and striving. When we exercise the ego, our spiritual development stops, and the universe must use shocking events to move us back onto the path. The appearance of the hexagram Chen indicates an immediate need for self-examination, self-correction, and a re-devotion to following the path of the Sage.


In Chinese, the hexagram translates to mean, "thunder over thunder": a continuing series of shocks occur until the obstruction in our attitude is removed. It is important not to react against to these shocks. Instead quiet and open your mind, accept that what is happening has come to teach a specific and necessary lesson, and look inside to see where you are resisting the will of the Higher Power. The sooner you return to innocence and acceptance, the sooner the shocks will subside.


Those who maintain a reverence for proper principles and an inner commitment to higher things are unperturbed by shocking events, they simply concentrate on deepening their understanding. If you find yourself feeling threatened by circumstances, withdraw into stillness and meditation. The only remedy for doubt and fear is a reconnection with Higher Truth.


Shock is an important and beneficial teacher to those who follow the path of the Sage. Make good use of this new beginning and good fortune results."


I am listening attentively everyday to people's responses to Trump's Presidency,  his policies and addresses. All responses are filled with passion. Either passionate support or passionate disdain. Both sides mostly express the other side are idiots and duped, having lost the capacity to think for themselves. It astounds me how similar are the descriptions of one side about the other, yet both thinking the "other" is dangerously deluded and brainless.  This is what has really caught my attention.


I know we are all expressions of the One Life, God, All That Is, Creation. We are all divine emanations of Source. We are also all having a human egoic experience in which we experience ourselves as separate and different and of course potentially enemies because we believe we hold such conflicting values that threaten what we individually hold dear. The "devil's" work in my opinion is truly to keep us hypnotized at the level of our perceived differences rather than lifting our vision from the level of ego to the level of Spirit, where we can see each other's divinity DESPITE the appearance of the character being played at the ego level. Do you despise the great actor who plays a demon perfectly? Couldn't  he shift and then play another role, a hero, in service to others?  In the determination to see the ultimate truth of someone, beyond the appearances even of our most threatening enemies, that allows that energy formation to heal and shift. Explore the idea I'm suggesting a little, even for a moment, and great progress can be made for the evolution of our society. 


We are living in extraordinary times! Please pray for President Trump. If you think he does not see clearly what is in the best interest of the US, pray that he does. Peace! 


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