CD Review for "My King Nimrod"

By Brendan McMahon

"My King Nimrod", the debut independent release from Beth The Sybil, is a dark, melodic, mid-evil journey. Eight mid-tempo spiritual songs take the listener across the globe and through time. Arabic moods float eerily inside the title track. Orgasmic melodies drip through The Rose. Sounding like 
the perfect mood music to strip for your boyfriend after a sensual belly dance, The Rose oozes with sexuality as lead singer Beth Schneider beautifully bellows, ”And passion slays me”. The Rose begs to fill a slot on an upcoming Bond movie soundtrack. 

Haunting electric violin intermingles with soft piano riffs to spook Nightingale. Mortal Flesh could fill an 800- year old church with its beauty and dark grace. Much of My King Nimrod belongs in large dark wooden rooms made hundreds 
of years ago. In the spirit of mid-evil times, My King Nimrod is intentionally not modern. Brilliant musicians mix jazz and classical elements into the mix of most of this somber release. Greg Harris’ flawless piano and keyboard playing guides this effort. Aaron Malone’s electric violin steers The Sybil along winding curvy roads in each selection. Austin Wrinkle’s percussion and Orest 
Balaban’s bass provide the perfect steady rhythm section. Pat Byrne’s bazouki playing fills this mid-evil sound. Beth Schneider’s voice soars across this disc. 

Billed as a Medieval Rock Odyssey slightly steers the consumer away from the New Age section of the music store where this record belongs. An interesting journey through hundreds of years of religious history, My King Nimrod 
provides a new way of enjoying 700-year old scripture. My King Nimrod is a treat for history buffs, classical music aficionados and those of us rock geeks that like something different. 

By Brendan McMahon 
of Music Connection Magazine 

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Music Connection Magazine

The Players: Beth Schneider, vocals/dance; Greg Harris, keyboards/composer; Austin Wrinkle, drums; Orest Balaban, bass; Angelo Metz, guitar; Elleni Maureas, flute. 

"Beth The Sybil play heady intellectual jazz-rock that is inspired by medieval folklore and posturing. Led primarily by Beth Schneider's engaging vocals and costume choices, this group performs a fascinating myriad of musical styles that cover everything from jazz to classic rock & roll. 


From the opening notes, Beth The Sybil's seasoned chops crackle to jazzy beats. Schneider's seductive and sultry stage presence lends itself to the atmosphere of the music. Reminiscent of Before These Crowded Streets-era, Dave Matthews Band, Beth The Sybil are sure to delight the jam-band crowd as they build hooks under their world influenced lyrics. The band's musicianship is excellent. 

Schneider's background in dance is evident as she works the stage using provocative gestures and dance moves that keep the audience focused on the stage show. On the song "Hymn of the Pearl." Schneider hits the high notes with impressive ease without really working up a sweat. Schneider's commanding vocal tours on the somber "My Love is Coming Home" and the uplifting "The Seasons" were the high points of this group's set. 

Beth The Sybil have a lot to offer. Their compositions are interesting and lead singer Beth Schneider offers a seductive stage performance that is supported by her soaring vocals. These artists offer the L.A. club scene a refreshing eclectic performance with theatrical results.

by Brendan McMahon 


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