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While most artists chase after common music trends, Beth The Sybil looks back a millennium for sources of mystical and musical inspiration. Rediscovering ancient melodies and hidden texts, this cross cultural time travel back in time simultaneously jettisons the listener forward into a slammin' jazz-rock jam. Led by Beth's engaging vocals and sensuous dance, she creates a mystical creature of hypnotic powers. If you are truly interested in a musical and visual experience that combines elements of lost cultures and traditions with a sublimely unique modern interpretation then you will be delightfully refreshed by this medieval goddess odyssey. 


The Sybil originates in Greek mythology. Half human and half nymph, she is a female enchantress who can read the past, foretell the future and heal the human soul. Over time her character multiplies across cultural traditions and she is found to be the author of ancient pagan, Jewish, Christian sacred texts. Beth The Sybil's music travels new ground in accessing a mystical chord of unity between diverse cultures, which share a reverence for the earth, the sacred feminine and the cosmic origins and destiny of the human soul. 

January 2001 marked the release of Beth The Sybil's debut CD, My King Nimrod. Each song offers a particular insight into a magical time of wonder, mystery and love, cutting across cultures, in which all creation is seen imbued with conciousness. The title track is based on a Morrocan and Spanish song which has come up through both Jewish and early Christian traditions separately; the first verse telling the story of Abraham's starlight birth, the second telling the story of Christ's enlightened birth and the third verse celebrating the awakening of Christ consciousness in all people. In Nightengale, an early French song, it is a bird's magical song that sets the singer heart free, and in The Dark One, a song from the Balkins, a woman tells of her maligned reputation for choosing the path of love outside of convention. 

Beth unearths the archaic sources for which Greg composes sizzling time- transcending psychedelic compositions, supported by the world-class musicianship of the other band members. Through this convergence of times, peoples and beliefs through song, perhaps the wind whispers that there is finally only One song that all people, persuasions and longing hearts sing and by looking back we are led to the grail right in front of us. Paz Cultura-peace through culture.


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